Underscore.js’s debounce() is a great way to kill that double-click

Your mission: make sure your users don’t double-click a form button, but also don’t forever deny them future clicks.

This is a throttling problem really. And recently I was working on a UI element that was just being clicked way too often, my suspicion being the users were double-clicking it. I was going to do what I normally do: set a timeout on the click handler that would prevent more than 1 click being fired during a time period. But that just ends up making me write more code—I’d rather use a library!

Turns out that I’m using Underscore.js a little bit more these days and there is a built-in utility called debounce. It pretty much does exactly what I want it to do. As a comparison, there’s a similar function called throttle, but that still fires at least one more click event. Check this example out: