Getting nerdy: sBASSdrum’s Klingon press release


About that press release in Klingon:

This was a really fun project that wasn’t originally in the plan. It came out of brainstorming as I was in the middle of writing the original English press release. Since the drum machine’s user interface evolved into a spaceship cockpit, it only seemed right to continue on the space theme. Because of this, Star Trek kept coming back to mind. Also, as a web developer I often think about internationalization.

So, what if sBASSdrum was not just internationalized but inter-species-alized?

Recalling I had seen fans speaking in Klingon, it seemed like a great fit for this project. The pronunciation is starkly different than English, the glyphs are different, and there’s lots of people who actually speak this seriously. I asked friends on Facebook and received a few leads, but it I think it was the Twitterverse that came through:


loghaD responded:


After some email coordination I sent him the English press release and a suggestion for the Klingon version which made references to big strong warrior hands, Bat’leths, and fierce sounds. He helped with cultural notes and really polished up the text. Then he went one further and also typed it up in pIqaD. The result: a really cool press release that echoes the fun of sBASSdrum.


Read it yourself: