Why “sBASSdrum Open Samples Pack” Is Free


Making a music instrument is hard. Making a music instrument based on samples is harder.

One of the huge problems I had when creating my sBASSdrum app was finding open sound libraries. If you have ever done research in this area you will know what I mean. Even if the original sample has been downsampled, EQed, combined, or otherwise transformed from the original, it is still tricky. But I think that this is a challenge that can be overcome.

Even better: I would like to solve this problem for other people too.

Several sounds come from already open libraries:

But many I had to record from my own drum kit:

Or synthesize using software:

The point is, I hope to continue sBASSdrum Open Samples and give you, the developer and/or musician, tools you can use to make enjoyable music. Yes, make your own sample-based drum app. Or put these sounds into a DAW. Or use them as a foundation for your own sounds. All I ask is some attribution for the work in exchange for you making the world a more musical place.

Get the samples here: