sBASSdrum: Upcoming development

You have spoken. I am listening.

As sBASSdrum has largely been a side project, many features did not get implemented in the first release, nor the second. But know that your feedback on the iTunes App Store has not gone unnoticed! I’ll respond to a few of them:

  • Metronome / Pre-Record Count-In: Probably the #1 most requested feature, and I absolutely agree. I have been doing live recorded music for quite a while and even my tempo is not consistent! This is definitely slated for inclusion in an upcoming release. In fact, I have a number of ideas on a better metronome that isn’t just a “click” sound.
  • Saving Loops: There is no current way to save your loops and sometimes when you launch the app your current loop disappears. This is definitely a known issue.
  • Recording X/Y Pad: I hope to introduce X/Y pad automation recording! Actually, any “effect” ought to be automatable.
  • Importing Sounds: Absolutely. You are currently only able to use the built-in sounds but at some point your own sound fonts will be importable. After all, it’s backed by a PCM sampler!
  • Sound Exporting: There is no way to render out your sounds or loops unless you capture the audio with Audiobus. A planned feature is the “Flight Recorder” that will enable recording of a session. Possibly uploading direct to SoundCloud, out to iMovie, or other apps.
  • User-Definable Patches: Absolutely. Currently you are locked into the chord progressions that I’ve created
  • MIDI Support: All in good time.
  • iPhone Version: All in good time.

Things that were added in response to user requests:

  • Big buttons: Buttons are big and tap targets are actually generous!
  • Audiobus: Enjoy audio sharing!
  • Looper: The first version of the looper made it into the shipping version.