Resume + Links

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Brief Work History

Cisco Systems, Inc. 1996-2006

  • Engineer for umpteen enterprise-level applications including: corporate patent tracking system, engineering calendar system, lab scheduling system, product marketing metadata tools, feature list tracking, Engineering home page, Engineering search engine, WYSIWYG CMS for department home pages, corporate document control system, contextual help systems. Many systems are still in use today.
  • Tools/languages: Perl, Java, Tomcat, Weblogic, CSS, HTML, AJAX/JavaScript, Oracle RDBMS, Unix sysadmin, XML, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop
  • Also designed and staffed tradeshow-style booths 2006-2007

  • Facebook F8 launch products, advanced WYSIWYG CMS with product catalog integration, website styling and marketing, core code and frontend code.
  • Tools/languages: Java, Freemarker, XML, DOJO, DWR, Adobe Photoshop, Subversion, Eclipse

Sequence Mediaworks 2006-Present

  • My own entity for contracting work.
  • Worked on parts of many different organizations from a digital school for computer science, to a dent repair estimation service, to scientific software, to consulting agencies, and much more.
  • Rails/TDD emphasis, some Java, a lot of JavaScript+jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX/JSON/etc., d3.js and fabric.js, Illustrator, Photoshop.
  • Working on various products to aid in organizing your life
  • Attempted to create a CMS that would have simplified both web pages and mobile layouts

Xoopit, Inc. 2007-2008

  • Front-end implementation of HTML+JavaScript+CSS to achieve designer’s various goals.
  • Created and improved many workflow functions for the display of mail items, cross-browser.
  • Used a “20% time” project to build a pop-out window version of the Xoopit web app, which later became part of a core demo used in the Yahoo Hackathon in 2008—which Xoopit took 1st place
  • Tools/languages: Java, Freemarker, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX, jQuery.

Luminate, Inc. 2011-2012

  • Front-end focus on UX and design, sprinkled with back-end work.
  • Many rapid prototypes of various user interfaces for the Luminate (previously Pixazza) user interfaces.
  • Concept, visualization, and implementation of sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Creation of an ideation space within the office where designs and ideas can be clustered on the walls using copious amounts of Post-It notes and mood boards from many printouts.
  • Generation of new products and user interfaces to try to drive additional traffic and user engagement.
  • Development of back-end-to-front-end libraries and systems to allow consistency and easy of software development.
  • Tools/languages: Python, Django, Illustrator, Photoshop, CSS3, HTML5 + canvas, Rails.

Other Skills & Hobbies

  • Music: heavy interest in music production in electronic music genres. Currently organizing a group, the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup (SF-EMM). MIDI, Renoise, Cubase, wavetable synthesis, synthesizers, iOS music apps, SoundCloud, Adobe Audition, and more.