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A pro analog synth powerhouse in your pocket*

( *On your iPad too! )

Meet your new favorite synth. Designed by musicians for musicians and battle-tested on the stage, ANILOG is a new class of analog synths. There’s no cables to patch, no racks to mess with: this is a lean 3-oscillator additive waveshaper with velocity-sensitive envelopes. What’s that mean for you?

Power in your pocket.

You want stabby 80’s-style synths? You got it. Low and punchy bass? Sure. Ringing bells and keyboards. We got that. Slappin’ kicks? Bang away.

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  • 16 voices: plenty of capacity for performances
  • 3 oscillators per voice: each instrument has rich timbres
  • 1 tuned noise generator per voice: add breath effects and drum head slaps
  • Velocity-sensitive envelopes and parameters: change the attack, decay, and volume of oscillators
  • Aftertouch modulation: add even more expressiveness to your performance
  • Audiobus ready: connect MIDI instruments, route audio to other effects apps


Sequencer coming soon… Other Audio Units features in the works…

User Manual

View the online help documentation.

This is also embedded in the app!

Download ANILOG on the app store