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Ticket tracking and SCM, even for a team of one

On one of my newer projects I’m a development and project management team of one. Still, I use a ticket tracking system like Redmine and Git for many reasons.

I like being able to enter a feature or a bug into the ticket tracker to make sure I get back to those issues later. I could use a spreadsheet, a notepad, or something like Remember The Milk but Redmine has the big advantage of integrating with SCM systems.

And I definitely use SCM all of the time. I’ve run into way too many cases where I’ve made a change I regret or I just need to group changes together. Something like Git works perfectly for this. And when I commit code it also reflects in Redmine what I’ve done, when I’ve done it.

Plus there’s a more important thing: what if my development team grows from one person to more than just me? If I’ve been using these systems all the time then adding a new code author or a project manager is really easy. I’m ready to scale!