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sBASSdrum now Audiobus compatible


We are very pleased to announce that sBASSdrum has gained a rewrite of its audio handling to make it compatible with the very flexible low-latency audio framework Audiobus. The newly-released version of the app includes features:

  • Audiobus output compatible and driven at the core by The Amazing Audio Engine
  • 9 new audio patches including the new Dance C, Chip A, and Chip B
  • New reverb audio effects

And, best yet it is still just $2.99!

Sample Library for sBASSdrum Is an Open Library


We are very happy to announce the sample library for sBASSdrum is now an open library as Creative Commons Attribution. Available on as a sample pack, the sBASSdrum Open Samples sounds features many of the sounds available in the app such as: synth drums, acoustic drums, bass instruments, synthesized pads, and sound effects. Several samples can be looped for infinite sustain.

Download this pack:

Learn more about the pack: Why “sBASSdrum Open Samples Pack” Is Free

New sBASSdrum iPad app trailer by 8:45a

The crew at 8:45a, a San Francisco-based cinematography and photography company, has put together a totally fun club-themed video showing off the energy and enjoyment that comes from using the sBASSdrum iPad app whether you are the musician or dancing in the audience. The soundtrack uses only the sounds in the app—the actual song was resequenced using tracker software.

Playing the role of the DJ/performer is Qualafox, also a local San Francisco producer and DJ. Follow 8:45a on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Director and Cinematographer: Cressanne Credo
Editor: Hubert Lamela
BTS Photographer: Jennifer Cabugao
Creative Director: JJ Casas
Soundtrack: Amy Lee / ANI
DJ actor: Qualafox
Filmed on location at Geekdom SF and a San Francisco apartment.

sBASSdrum v1.0 Launched February 10, 2014

The first version of the only drum machine to ever be built as a spaceship is now downloadable on the Apple App Store. sBASSdrum (pronounced “space drum”) is a colorful musical instrument that combines both drums and synthesizer sounds together in one interface that requires no setup and curated sound sets to maximize harmony. This demo video shows off the whole suite of features from beat-making, to overdub looping, to the sample-based synthesizer, and finally effects.

The app can be downloaded for free until February 14, and then it will be just $2.99 thereafter.