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Locking the Mac OS X dock

Ever accidentally drag an item off the dock? Ever forget what that was and now it’s killing you that you know you might be missing something important? You would think that you can lock your Dock so that things don’t accidentally get removed. It’s such a simple feature—even Windows has had it forever.

Thanks to a quick article on Brighthub,, there’s a couple of commands you can type into Terminal to lock it. I took it a step further and just made them into a couple of aliases for my .bash_profile:

alias docklock='defaults write contents-immutable -bool true;killall Dock'
alias dockunlock='defaults write contents-immutable -bool false;killall Dock'

So, to lock your Dock now just open the Terminal application and type: docklock

To unlock, type instead: dockunlock


Ticket tracking and SCM, even for a team of one

On one of my newer projects I’m a development and project management team of one. Still, I use a ticket tracking system like Redmine and Git for many reasons.

I like being able to enter a feature or a bug into the ticket tracker to make sure I get back to those issues later. I could use a spreadsheet, a notepad, or something like Remember The Milk but Redmine has the big advantage of integrating with SCM systems.

And I definitely use SCM all of the time. I’ve run into way too many cases where I’ve made a change I regret or I just need to group changes together. Something like Git works perfectly for this. And when I commit code it also reflects in Redmine what I’ve done, when I’ve done it.

Plus there’s a more important thing: what if my development team grows from one person to more than just me? If I’ve been using these systems all the time then adding a new code author or a project manager is really easy. I’m ready to scale!