ANILOG Analog Morphing Synthesizer

A lean 3-oscillator additive waveshaper for your iPad and iPhone. Use as a standalone app, or plug it into your favorite iOS DAW as an Audio Units version 3 (AUv3) plugin!

Discover a new kind of synthesis that you can take anywhere. Built by musicians for musicians and battle-tested on the stage. There’s no cables to patch and no racks to mess with. You get velocity-sensitive envelopes, 16-channel tracker-style sequencer, and a shareable file format that gives you perfect fidelity when you share a song.

3 additive oscillators, 1 noise generator, endless possibilities

It may seem simple: 3 parallel waveshaper oscillators and 1 noise generator per voice, controlled by common ADSR envelopes for amplitude and shaping amount. But add in velocity response and feedback tank and you unlock dynamic sounds and rich overtones.

Integrated Sequencer

Create songs in the 16-track sequencer. Its unique "tracker" style interface harkens back to the 1980s grid-based interfaces: an exposed piano roll of notes and effects.

Export and share songs with friends in its native open file format. Hear perfect fidelity as their device plays back the same instrument settings and song sequence.

Features and Details


  • Multichannel "tracker" style sequencer
  • MIDI input
  • Per-channel volume and effects mixing
  • Separate song instrument bank
  • Sharable song format


  • unique analog signal pathway
  • 3 oscillators with shaping, velocity effects, and stereo panning
  • tunable noise generator
  • feedback/delay effects for resonant overtones or tap delays
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