sBASSdrum Features

Check out these awesome features


  • Rapidly switch between kits with no lag
  • Play more than one drum instrument with one button: kick + hats, crash + kick
  • Simple workflow to make drum patterns with little effort
  • Sounds great through the internal iPad speaker, even better with headphones
  • 4 totally different genres


  • Hand-crafted patches to organize bass, melody, and accent hit instruments
  • Common chord progressions programmed in
  • Varied styles for pop, dance, jazz
  • Isolated instruments on patches for custom chords, solos, and basslines


  • Push Record to begin your loop and then Play to keep it going
  • Overdub an existing loop by pressing Record again
  • Play the loop as background audio so you can switch apps
  • Records tap events not the raw audio: you can record almost forever and not run out of memory!


  • Low-pass or high-pass filters hooked into a single X/Y controller for quick filtering
  • Resonance overdriving on the Y axis to give even more character
  • Built-in reverb unit


  • Compatible with Audiobus
  • Works on iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1

  • iPad only (tested on: iPad 2, 3, 4, Air; iPad Mini, iPad Retina Mini)
  • iOS 6 or later


  • No MIDI support yet
  • Custom patches not supported yet
  • Saving/recording an entire session not supported yet
  • No dubstep wub-wub sounds, sorry
All sounds and synth patches recorded or programmed by Sequence Mediaworks, the OLPC project, or the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra. That gorgeous starfield background on the landing page is the Milky Way as seen through the Spitzer Space Telescope.