sBASSdrum Help Page

Getting Started

sBASSdrum is a live performance music app that combines: a drum machine, a sample-based synthesizer, an X/Y control pad for DJ-style effects, and a note-based looper. So plug in some headphones and let’s go!

The best way to get an idea of how this works is to watch the demo video:

The Interface


On the right side are the drum pads:


Here’s how to make a beat:

On the left side are the synthesizer pads:


X/Y Effects Controller

The center of screen has an X/Y effects controller. Drag the slider around while playing to change the sound:

  • Move left to cut off upper frequencies with the low pass filter. (It makes the sound “muffled”.)
  • Move right to cut off lower frequencies with the high pass filter. (It makes the sound “tinny”.)
  • Move up or down to add resonance. (Makes a sharper swishing sound as you drag the slider.)


Note Looping

The top of the screen has a recorder which remembers what notes you play. It does not record the X/Y effects or the volume. (This means you can record or loop while independently adding DJ-style effects.)

How to make a really simple loop:

  • Begin playing a beat or a synthesizer melody. Get into a good groove!
  • Tap the Record button. For best results: tap Record at the same time you press down on the drum or synth pad.
  • Play the notes you want to loop.
  • Tap the Play/Stop button. For best results: play the first note of your loop again at the exact time you tap Play/Stop.

In music parlance, tap Record on the 1 beat. Then tap Play/Stop on the 1 beat later, but make sure you play the same note as you did on the first 1 beat. That way there’s a little overlap just in case you missed recording the first 1 beat.

  • If the looper is stopped, tapping Record will begin recording.
  • If the looper is recording, tapping Play/Stop will begin repeating the loop.
  • If the looper is playing, tapping Record will begin overdub recording on the same loop length.
  • If the looper is playing, tapping Play/Stop will stop playback. Hitting it again will play from the loop start.
  • To clear all loops and stop playing or recording, tap Clear.