sBASSdrum Press Release

New “sBASSdrum” iPad App is the Easiest and Most Fun Drum App This Side of the Galaxy

Spaceship-Themed Drum Machine Wows Novice and Experienced Musicians Alike

FEBRUARY 10, 2014 – SAN MATEO, CA – The brand-new sBASSdrum app (pronounced “space drum”) is a delightful music instrument now available for iPad on Apple’s App Store. Designed for humanoids ages 1 to 92, sBASSdrum turns complex drumming and harmony into a fun, dynamic process requiring minimal effort, with maximum results.

Unlike other music apps, homo sapien sapiens are immediately compelled to jump in the pilot’s seat and play without any setup or instruction manuals. The interface is presented as a colorful spaceship cockpit with buttons that light up, a slider and throttle that respond to digital (as in fingers) manipulation, and even a starfield that zooms by the main window. Pilots cannot play “bad notes” due to the power of our recovered alien technology: bass and melody instruments are paired to work together harmoniously.

Founder and CEO Amy Lee said: “Many pro apps that are drum machines, synthesizers, and groove boxes confuse even the most experienced musicians with their dizzying array of dials, sliders, and technical jargon. In contrast, sBASSdrum has neat groupings of percussion and melodic elements with large buttons and obvious labeling. This reduces intimidation and brings back the joy of music-making.”

Key features include drum pads optimized for single thumb beat-making, melody and bass sounds playable with the other set of digits (the ones on your hand), and DJ-style audio filters. More complex songs can be crafted using built-in looping functions. Entertaining real-time visualizations show current audio signal output waveforms and volume, in color wavelengths visible to humans.

This app will be free for a limited time upon its release on the Apple App Store and only $2.99 USD thereafter. Educational discounts are available.

This release is available in Klingon.

About Sequence Mediaworks LLC

Sequence Mediaworks LLC is dedicated to simplifying user interfaces and creating logical systems for complex audio and visual data. We believe everyone can make amazing music and encourage a curiosity of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). sBASSdrum is our first iOS app.

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