sBASSdrum iPad Drum and Groove Machine

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“… it’s actually very easy to then knock out a simple synth-based chord progression …”

“The sound samples and looping functionality are great fun for creative layering!” – Mark Jeschke, author of DrumKick

“I got a preview of this last week and had fun with it.”discchord

The amazing sBASSdrum Drum and Groove Machine application for iPad is a crazy fun way to make beats and melodies at the push of a couple of buttons. Pick from a variety of drum kits that alter the mood of your creation, and complement that with hand-crafted synthesizer patches. Then record a loop to keep the groove going and apply DJ-style filter and resonance effects to take your performance to the next level!

Built for ease-of-use for new musicians and experienced synth players alike, sBASSdrum lets you create harmonious music with almost no guesswork. It is optimized so you can tap out beats even with just one hand. There’s no need to learn dozens of knobs and switches or sift through deep menus.