Xoopit Email Viewer Sidekick

These are some screenshots from a project I did as part of a “choose your own adventure/20% time” thing the company did one week.

The Problem:

Xoopit was a service you would give your email address and login credentials to and it would present all the kinds of various attachments, links, and photos in the email in a neat viewer in your web browser. That was great if you were using the Xoopit web page all of the time. But how would you get notified of new activity if you were not?

My Solution:

Enter the Sidekick. The idea was to use the Xoopit APIs to poll the server for new activity and show it in a tiny viewer you could run as a kind of control panel widget. It still required a web browser but at least it did not require you to load the entire Xoopit interface. The result was a compact, media-driven interface that kept you in the loop without being distracting.